5 Ways To Dominate At The Plate.

1. Never get cheated by the fastball.

If you want to play at a high level and adjust to elite-level pitching, you have to be able to crush the FB.

Get the front foot down on time. even early if you have to. Assume the next pitch is going to be a strike. ( keep your finger on the swing trigger™)

2. Take controlled aggressive swings when in count leverage.

1-0, 2-0, 3-1 are hitters counts. These are the counts where you’ll do your most damage throughout a season.

Do your best to work yourself in these counts, and when you’re there, gear up.

3. Swing w/ Intent.

Stop swinging to just make contact or to “not” miss. swing w/ intent to do some serious damage. trust me, the pitcher is not feeling sorry for you if you don’t get on base.

With each swing, try hitting the hardest line drive you’ve ever hit, right back up the middle…with controlled-violence.

4. Hit the ball to the big part of the field.

Most of your thrown away at-bats are from pulling pitches you have no business pulling.

Use the big parts of the field. Think gap-to-gap. Great hitters can hit the ball to all parts of the field…with authority.

5. Be aggressive early.

Sometimes when we strike-out it’s not on strike 3.

It was the first or second strike that we should have driven hard somewhere when you get your pitch early in the count, don’t miss.

Remember: Approach is King!

You can have the sweetest swing on the planet, and all the confidence in the world, but if you have no approach, your mechanics will break down, and you'll lose your confidence.

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