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Our Guarantee: You will learn the exact techniques & drills that we teach hitters from the youth to the professional level to help build power and consistency at the plate.


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Coaching Hitting


In this streaming course, Coach Tim and Coach Trent breakdown their favorite hitting drills.

Coaching Cheatsheets

PDF Download

With this downloadable PDF, you can access and read all the knowledge from decades of coaching experience.

Full Practice Design

Video Course & PDF Download

Learn the exact coaching process that Trent Mongero applied to build a team of Winners who learned how to compete with confidence!

Are You Qualified to Coach Youth Baseball?

PDF Download

Learn the skills that make a good coach a great coach.

Fundamental Skills

PDF Download

Help your players to become consistent by understanding and mastering the fundamentals of the sport!

A Conversation
On Hitting


Listen in as Tim and Trent dive deep into important hitting topics and principles as they tell stories and share ideas that they have seen work wonders with hitters of all ages.

A  Productive Practice From Start to Finish

PDF Download

Learn how Trent Mongero ran a productive practice from start to finish.

Skeleton Practices

PDF Download

What are the Meat & Potatoes of a great practice? Get the answer here!

Team Budgets

PDF Download

How do you raise and afford team essentials? Trent Mongero will break it down for you.


PDF Download

The right approach will fix MOST mechancial issues. Learn the approach that MLB hitting coach Tim Hyers teaches his players.

Catching & Throwing

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The team that throws and catches the ball less is usually the team that wins. Master the fundamentals. Limit mental errors. Improve your player's performance.


PDF Download

Defense is everything. Nuff said.


PDF Download

The coach sets the tone. Leadership is a trickle-down-effect!

Pitch Grips

PDF Download

Understand the basics of each grip type for both pitchers and position players.

Defensive Strategy

PDF Download

Learn why fielding groundballs is checkers while defensive strategy is Chess.

Hitting Strategy

PDF Download

How do you get all 9 hitters to buy into the mission? Tim and Trent will show you how.

Infield Double Play
Feeds and Pivots

PDF Download

The double play is the pitcher's best friend. Learn how to make it automatic.

First and Third
Base Play

PDF Download

Eliminating late-inning extra-base hits, the slow runner, and throwing on the run - all skill sets that corner players need to understand!

Outfield Play

PDF Download

Learn how Trent Mongero trains outfielders to be more consistent throughout the season.

Advanced Catcher Play

PDF Download

Learn how a good catcher will shorten the innings on defense. 

Coach Pitch/Machine: Teaching Game Skills

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See how Trent Mongero develops young players in a way that keeps them engaged and eager to learn more!

+ Additional Vision Training

1000's of Pitch Recognition Vision Drills

It's Perfect!

“If I were a HS coach or parent of a player, I would make all of these books/videos a required rerad and watch. They are perfect teaching guides for anyone wanting to develop fundamentally sound ball players!”

Ray Tanner

University of South Carolina

Spot on!

" I came across Trent Mongero in 2010 after he authored the “Winning Baseball” Books. I was immediately impressed by his knowledge, detail, passion and ability to present and teach his spot on programming.

Jeff Schaefer

Former MLB Infielder & USA Baseball NTIS

Highly Recommended!

"I cannot recommend Trent any higher!

I guarantee you will leave this experience a better player.

Thank me later.”

Steve Springer

Mental Hitting Coach & MLB Scout


Trent Mongero

Former Pro Player & Scout

About Trent

Trent Mongero is a former pro baseball player and current scout for the Atlanta Braves, has recorded over 200 victories in his 18-year career as high school baseball head coach.

He is the founder of Dirt Bro Elite Infield Academy & Camp.

Teams Trent Has Worked With...

Tim Hyers

MLB Hitting Coach

About  Tim

Timothy Hyers is an American former professional baseball first baseman and current hitting coach for the Texas Rangers of Major League Baseball.

He played in MLB for the San Diego Padres, Detroit Tigers, and Florida Marlins.

He has also served as the hitting coach for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Boston Red Sox and Texas Rangers.

Teams Tim Has Worked With...



Youth & Advanced Level Coaches

When you're coaching 15 players, you're coaching 15 different personalities. This is for coaches who want to build a great culture and encourage leadership from each player.


Youth & Advanced Level Players

Baseball is a game loaded with failure. This is for players who want to learn how to be and stay confident even when the results are showing up.


The #1 Fan

Parents are their kid's #1 because they live with them. Great knowledge starts with them. When you understand it, they will understand it!


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