Why Do Hitters Struggle At The Plate?

Low Self-Belief

I don't care how mechancially sound your swing is.

If you don't have the belief you have what it takes to beat the pitcher...'re hosed.

Poor Body Language

Never let them see you pout.

I never saw a ballplayer who kicked dirt, cussed, and pouted their way to a better performance on a ball field.

When you show negative emotions that last longer than a single pitch, it’s a sign to the opposing team that you’ve been mentally beaten.

Emotions are like fire. It can keep you warm, and cook your food…

…or it can burn everything you value.

Weak Contact

When we make weak contact, it’s usually because we leave our posture.

In other words, we are leaking power and pop because we're lunging at the ball instead of staying back and letting the ball travel.

When hitting a baseball, we’re not swinging at where the ball is coming out of the pitcher’s hand, we’re swinging at where we predict the ball will be at the point of contact.

Throwing Away

If hitting is about timing, and if pitching is about upsetting that timing, then our job as hitters is to be on time on every, single pitch while swinging with intent to do damage.

The moment we step into the batter's box, we need a plan.

We can't keep our hitting coach in our back pocket during the at-bat. It's time to compete.

This requires us to have an approach while trying to drive the ball to the big part of the field.

The right approach will fix most mechanical issues.

Getting Beat & Jammed On Good Pitches

It's the worse feeling in the world - taking a Fastball right down the middle.

You're thinking "dang, I shoulda swung."

Question: "Why didn't you?"

Answer: "Because you weren't ready."

You were thinking, "if" it's a strike, you'll swing, instead of assuming the next pitch is going to be a strike, and you're going to take a controlled-aggressive swing on that next pitch.

Hitters - we have to be thinking:

"Yes, yes no." on a ball."

"Yes, yes, GO!" on a strike."

Start on time to be on time, assuming the next pitch will be the best pitch you will see all day.

Lack Of Trust in
The Swing

When you stop trying to "perfect" the swing and just let it fly during the game, good things WILL happen.

I believe there's a hidden reservoir of talent and ability that will surface when you finally stop caring about "success" and "results" and start focusing on competing, hitting the ball hard with intent while having some fun along the way.

Some of your best days at the plate will be when your swing feels off, your hands feel slow, and when you had a lousy pre-game batting practice session.


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