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Trouble logging in.

In almost every case, if you haven't received your login credentials, it's because your username and password was sent to you spam folder.

If you're still havng troubles logging in you can either:

1. Check your spam folder

2. Request a new password while using your email as your username. Click here.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel your Applied Vision Baseball membership at this link.


How do I modify my billing?

You can modify or update your cc in at this link. (Make sure you're logged in.)


What do you get as a member?

With an Applied Vision Baseball membership, you get immediate access to: 

- all Pitch Recognition Training sequences & specialized vision drills.

- the Hitter I.Q.™performance stats to test and measure your progress and performance.

- the AVB leaderboard to see where you stack up against other hitters around the world.

- the gamification dashboard where you can unlock prizes and rewards after each pitch recognition milestone!

How often should I train my pitch recognition?

There are two main problems that Applied Vision Baseball attempts to solve.

1. Help hitters to develope pitch recognition skills to slow the game down while developing a better Hitter I.Q.™.

2. Help hitters supplment their devlopment if they're not getting enough at-bats/playing time during the game.

How often you should be training your pitch recognition depends on where you are at in your developmental process as well as how much playing time you're currently earning.

In either case, we've seen great results with hitters who allocate atleast five minutes a day to reinforce proper pitch recognition habits.

You spend time in the batting cage to refine your swing. You spend time in the weight room to build explosive power and strength, and you spend time in the Applied Vision Pitch Recognition App to develope superior pitch recognition skills.

How long does it take to see results?

As mentiond previously, it depends on where the hitters is at in their developmental process. Typically, we see same day results for hitters who train with the Soft to Hard Focus pitch recognition drills just before a game.

Do you offer team pricing or discounts?

Of course! Come check out our Team Pricing Tables here!

Can you practice before games?

Yes and it's highly reccommened! Using the AVB Pitch Recognition App is a great way to reinforce proper visual movements that a hitter can implement into their next at-bat. Especially the soft to hard focus drills as well as the strike-zone awarness drills.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes! You will receive a 40% annual discount with a yearly Pro Plan.