Coach Kerry

UCLA. Former Olympian.

What You Will Learn

How to be on time with the pitch with selective agression.
How to increase bat-speed while increasing hard hit contact %.
Why hitter's struggle to hit the change up & how to fix it.
How to develop better pitch selection with more consistent mechanics.
How to Win The At-Bat!


The Swing Triggerâ„¢ Drill

When we're missing pitches we should be driving or freezing up on good pitches to hit and we feel like we just can't "pull the trigger", often times it's because we're not mentality ready to hit.

The Post-Up Drill

The first step to Win The At-Bat is to understand pitch selection & approach when early in the count. It starts with being aggressive up in the zone.

The Inner-Half Drill

Good hitters learn to do it all. Being able to drive the ball oppo is so important especially at the higher levels. One way to train this skill-set is to practice driving the ball back up the middle on all pitches.

The Gap-To-Gap Drill

When your swing feels off, often times the right approach will fix mechanical issues at the plate.

The L-Screen Drill

When we're hitting WEAK ground balls or getting jammed on the fastball inside, it's usually related to not getting the sweet spot of the bat on the sweet spot on the ball.

A-Swing B-Swing Drill

If you want to hit at a high level - you better have to things. 1. A plan. 2. The ability to adjust.

The Hesitation Drill

Our ability to keep the head still, weight back while being geared up for the fastball is how we adjust to changes in speeds in the strike zone.

The Leg-Drive Drill

Most hitters struggle with using their entire body in their swing because they haven't developed their lower half enough to swing with intent.

Hide The Hands Drill

Most of problems with driving the ball w/ authority comes with seperation & power postion movements in your pre-swing.

The Horse Drill

When practice gets boring, we have to find novel ways of turing our training into a game.

The Open Fly Drill

Gettting the hands on the plane of the pitch starts with understanding path and hand slots.

The Cut The Plate In Half Drill

Hitting is about timing, pitching is about upsetting that timing. Our job as hitters is to be on time.

Rhythm Drill

Whent he swing feels off, we need to "cut the fat" out of our swing and reconnect with the basic movements of the swing. Balance, minimal head movement, and a short and compact swing.

One Plate Two Plate Drill

Knowing which pitch we're sitting on is half the battle of not getting cheated by the fastball and staying back on the off-speed.

One Legged Power Drill

When swining w/ intent is an issue, we have to find new ways of developing strenght in the lower half. It starts with positioning your body in a position that forces you to showcase balance and coordination.

Keepin It 100 Drill

Want to find a way to make adjustments quicker in practice. Creat stakes. When you have something to lose or pain to avoid, you become present to the task at hand.

Winning The At-Bat

In a game loaded with failure, cultivating confidence when your not getting results is the hardest thing to do. When you need hit to be confident, you will always be a slave to stats. Cultivating confidence from Winning The At-Bat is the only path towards freedom.


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