how to win the at-bat

We sharpen the axe before we cut the tree.

This is why everything we do before an at-bat has a rhyme & reason.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare to battle in the box to Win The At-Bat.

In The Hole

Visualize - As you get your batting gloves and helmet on, spend a moment rehearsing success in your mind. Close your eyes & recall the last time you hit the ball right on the screws.

The goal here is to feel like you've already succeeded before walking to the plate.

The Ondeck

Next, this is where you get loose and calibrate your timing. Get in rhythm with the pitcher's delivery & work on getting your foot down on time.

Your job is to access the game so you can anticipate what the situation will be during your plate appearance.

The Walk-Up & Set-Up

90% of hitting is how you feel when walking up to the plate. This is where the critical aspect of your brain shuts off. You're not worried about your stance or swing. You're going to trust that what you worked on in practice will take over. 

Know the situation. Get the sign. Deep breath & dig in.

The At-Bat

Now it's time to go into "Compete Mode". You're not hoping to hit the ball hard. You know you can hit the ball hard

Keep your finger on the Swing Triggerâ„¢ - You're not thinking you're going to swing "if" it's a strike. You're assuming the next pitch is going to be a strike & you're going to take a controlled-violent swing.

Yes, yes, no on a ball. Yes, yes, go on a strike. 

The only goal is to Win The At-Bat & compete your tail off.

How good you get at this process, will dictate how many at-bats you win.

The beautiful thing about all this is it requires ZERO talent. 

It's a choice.

Choose wisely.

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